Digital Advertising on Baidu: A Recipe for Success

Entering the Chinese Market? Hire an Experienced Digital Market Agency

There is a growing interest among global businesses to market their products and services in the Chinese market because of the market potential. However, one should not overlook the fierce market competition. Therefore, clear-cut and inventive schemes and accurate implementation is necessary for gaining the desired market penetration. The optimization of the websites to local standards and flawless online promotional activities are essential for this. Here, the expert guidance and assistance of an experienced digital marketing agency become imperative. Such agencies that have through experience in the Chinese market will have comprehensive knowledge about the buying interests of the varied customer segments in the country.

Digital Advertising on Baidu: A Recipe for Success

The first thing to do, as regards the promotional activities in China is to make the website search engine-friendly. Baidu is the primary search engine in China, and almost all of the Chinese populace uses this one for performing their internet searches. All other search engines are irreverent in China. Hence, you must make sure that your company website comes in the first pages of the search engine result page. That said, advertising on Baidu in English will not be that beneficial, and on the contrary, it is very much advisable to create the advertisement material in Mandarin. This strategy will do a lot of good for your ad campaign.

Create Web Pages in Mandarin

As far as the Chinese websites are concerned, it is not a must that the landing pages must be in the local language Mandarin. Therefore, if you want the web content in English, you can create the site accordingly. However, you must take into account one major factor. In general, the Chinese population has a passionate preference for vernacular. They don’t just love the language; they have an ardent attachment to it. According to the prevailing trend, an internet search will be always using Mandarin keywords. For this reason, landing pages created using this language are more likely to attract the attention of the Chinese population. For that reason, it will be practically wise to create web pages in Mandarin. If the pages are in English, then for sure, the bounce rate will be very high, which will not be beneficial for any website.

 Advertising on Baidu in English

Considering the love and fondness of the Chinese population towards Mandarin, which is their mother tongue, it will be practically advisable to create all of your advertisements in this language. Such a decision will be much more advantageous than placing English language ads. If you still wish to stick to try advertising on Baidu in English, you must make sure that the advertisement is translated into Mandarin in the same ad or place a similar ad using Mandarin. Naturally, everyone will wish to gain profits from online portals; hence, if you are aiming for the Chinese population, placing ads in Mandarin is highly beneficial.

Find Out an Expert Digital Marketer

Locating a competent online marketing agency is the prime thing that you will have to do if you wish to market your products or service in China. The main thing, which you must make sure while selecting such a company is the practical experience as regards the online functioning methods that prevail in China. The company must be familiar with the major search engines such as the Baidu and Sogou, as well as the social media sites like the WeChat and Weibo.

You can find such competent online marketing companies by searching through the internet. Although you will be able to find a plethora of digital marketing companies, you must select an experienced company, which has thorough knowledge about the prevailing online marketing tendencies in China. You can assess the professional proficiency and aptitude of the company by the existing client-strength. When you see that a particular company has a good bunch of clientele, you can certainly consider the company as a leader.