Five Facts to Know About Social Media Marketing Services

Whether you are a small or large foreign business, social media marketing in China is your best bet to reach the growing number of upwardly mobile Chinese consumers. However, since China has banned many of the leading Western social media platforms, you will need to sign up with their Chinese counterparts. Weibo, Baidu, and other social media companies dominate the online space in China and get nearly a billion daily views. By promoting your products or services on these social media platforms, you can increase your sales potential and derive great business benefits.

However, establishing your business brand in China and promoting it on Chinese social media requires a knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. You’re not going to make a dent in the Chinese market if you don’t know either. While you should certainly strive for language fluency, a quicker way is to hire a reputable social media marketing service for your business promotion. You should check their marketing experience and ask for references before you hire them.

Here are five facts you need to know about social media marketing services in China:

  1. They will help you with official registration

Foreign businesses need the Chinese government’s permission before they can market their products or services on social media in China. The government will also keep tabs on what you promote in your social media posts. After you register for a social media account, you must submit a verification application and your business registration documents to a government authority. You must then pay the requisite verification fee. The process is tricky without Chinese fluency, so hiring a social media marketing service in China will help. They will assist you with creating and registering the social media account for your business.

  1. They will assist you with language matters

You need to know the Chinese language to market your products or services in China. While there are many English speakers in China, the majority of social media users communicate with each other in local languages and dialects. It is not easy for foreign business personnel to pick up the language, although they ought to certainly make an effort to learn it for long-term gain. So, it makes sense to hire a social media marketing service to help them navigate their way around the Chinese market.

  1. They will inform you about social media trends

You need to keep tabs on local social media trends and leverage those to promote your products and services. A China-focused social media service will know about local celebrities, fashions, music, films, dramas, books, and other popular cultural trends, and how to incorporate the top search terms about these in your social media marketing campaigns. By using these search keywords and phrases in your social marketing campaigns, you can increase your website traffic.

  1. They will guide you on cultural issues

You need to be sensitive to cultural sentiments when promoting your products and services. Otherwise, you might end up offending and alienating your potential customer base. You could also find yourself in legal trouble with the Chinese authorities. A China-focused social media marketing service will advise you on the issues you can use for your business promotion and the things you ought to avoid.

  1. They will channel your business to your target audience

You need to research the target audience for your products or services and segment them according to age, gender, likes, dislikes, and buying habits. The social media marketing service will gather and analyze the market data, and help you to incorporate the information in your business advertising campaigns. Furthermore, they will help you monitor your traffic trends and note which marketing methods are working and which aren’t. You can then alter your social media marketing campaigns to get better results.

By partnering with the right social media marketing service and engaging in consistent social media marketing, you can attract the right target audience for your products or services. Regular and professional interactions with this audience will assist you in building up a loyal brand following. And gaining access to one of the most vibrant economies in the world in this manner will, in turn, boost your sales and bring you business profits.