Four Questions to Ask a Voice Marketing Agency Before You Hire Them

It’s a good bet that you, or someone you know, is using voice-activated technology for all kinds of reasons. They are certainly very convenient, entertaining and incredibly useful when we don’t have our hands free. Statistics, already over a year old, say that voice activated-devices are already in cars, in the homes, and in the offices, of over 39 million Americans. That means that a voice marketing strategy should be in your future plans.

But if you have never worked with a marketing agency before, let alone voice marketing, how can you be sure that you will find the right marketing agency for your brand?

Before you start, however, be sure that both you and the agency are on the same page. Do you expect the same things from this newest, and still developing form of advertising and brand building? This is not marketing as you know it, and there are many questions and many things to understand about it. Like all marketing strategies, the digital marketing agency that you will be working with to develop your brand should be willing to take risks, but be safe. This means, knowing your character, your brand and your customer, so that you can understand how voice fits in.

Here are four questions that you should ask a voice marketing agency before you hire them.

1) How can a voice marketing agency connect me to my customers?

This question implies understanding and is one that you and the voice marketing agency should discuss together. One answer is that customers are using voice assistants because they want information right now, at a time when they don’t have hands or eyes free to find it themselves. That means that if your brand is the first one that comes up in the answer to the search query, then the customer is yours! They are not likely to look for a second choice if they like what they hear. This is one area where you and your voice marketing agency should be ready to think outside the box.

2) Where is voice marketing the most popular?

If a particular age group uses it more often then consider the types of incentives that would appeal to this demographic. In its way, this is where voice marketing and other forms of digital marketing are similar. The same questions should be asked, but expect the answers to be more focused. Consider what you have in addition to voice and brand that can be used as a hook to keep the customer when you have them. More of digital marketing these days is already moving into the local area and this is one area where a voice marketing agency can really help.

3) What does my brand sound like?

Ask yourself this question, and think it through. Voice is about character, tone, language and purpose. Consider these things when choosing the personality of your voice marketing agency. These four things answer the questions of who, how, what and why, and they will determine how voice marketing will be used to reach your customer.

4) Are you ready for the next step?

It is very likely that the better this technology becomes, the more people will be using it. In the future, your customer will be connecting with you and your brand in ways that we have not yet even considered. The way people search and interact with the internet is set for a big change. Voice marketing is a different form of advertising and it is changing the future of digital advertising.

Once you have discussed these questions with your digital marketing agency and have a good idea about where your voice marketing agency and your brand development strategy are going, you are ready to begin. Make sure that you like the way your brand is developing and it all sounds and feels right to you. After all, you are considering hiring a digital marketing agency because of the advantages that outsourcing marketing in the digital, information world can offer you. Be sure that you consider an agency that is willing and able to move forward into the future with you. It’s an exciting time to be in business!

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