WeChat Marketing – Top Strategies Revealed

Simply put, you cannot ignore digital marketing on WeChat. WeChat has successfully built a mobile lifestyle that touches different aspects of users lives with 60% of the users opening the app more than 12 times every day and  40% looking for information through official groups and accounts. The social media platform is expanding its ecosystem and achieved milestones with the launch of Mini Programs and WeChat Work. A planned advertising and marketing campaign by WeChat marketing agency will help in serving the needs of any organization as well increase the demand for the service or product they offer. The current trends show it is difficult to get success by not using WeChat advertisement and here we have compiled some solid strategies for getting success in 2019.

WeChat Search Results

Social search engines help in providing brands with a powerful word-of-mouth effect and WeChat has strong potential with its integrated Sogou search feature. An important feature is the brand zone search which is active on “brand zone” where a brand has to fulfill three criteria: verification by WeChat, activation of WeChat Pay and receiving trademark protection. The brand zone is a nice opportunity for taking full control of the internal search function and offers a quick passage into the WeChat ecosystem considering that it is the main source of how brands obtain followers.

Marketing Automation

One of the exciting opportunities that businesses miss out is the 2-day window from when a new customer follows their account. Just like email marketing in western countries, brands can able to send up to 5 messages to new followers during that period. If you want to maximize the value and reach of your official account, then you need to understand your followers and how you can connect with them. This is the best opportunity for your business for showcasing and engaging the benefits of users becoming associated with your brand. You must offer tailored messages to each follower and utilize order history data for customizing your responses. Highlight different user benefits like VIP services, O2O, and loyalty programs. Other features like grouping and automatic tagging are also effective for breaking up your target audience based on specific incentives you are offering.

Mini Programs

These are sub-applications within WeChat and helps in transforming how brands are marketing in China. Currently, WeChat has over one million mini-programs and businesses are enjoying high conversion rate at an affordable rate while keeping users engaged at the same time. These programs have more than 60 entry points that make them sticky and easily discoverable. They can be linked to WeChat articles and subscription accounts thereby providing your brand to develop several touch points for deepening your relationship with users. WeChat marketing agency can incorporate mini-games for players for winning vouchers and group deals to provide them a personalized experience with your product or service.

Connecting with Global Travelers

China boasts of having one of the globe’s largest travel markets and international Chinese tourism continues to rise. The change in demography provides a new type of Chinese tourism with the rise in rich independent travelers which consists of the younger tech-savvy females. In 2017, Chinese tourists have spent 115 billion dollars on overseas and that number will likely to escalate. Most of these travelers use WeChat for payments, booking and other travel related work. Since a lot of western apps is banned in this country and the usage rate is low, global travelers tend to utilize this platform when they come to China. This provides a great opportunity for brands to tap WeChat advertising and attract the attention of global travelers. It will be easy for your brand to attracting travelers to your online and offline stores by providing attractive offers and special discounts.