Why Banners Grab People’s Attention?

Have banners for grand opening ever caught your attention? In all likelihood they did and you must have taken notice of the businesses that made use of such a promotional method. Well, this is how banners grab people’s attention. Here’s more on the topic.

Succinct Messages

Banners contain to-the-point messages. Often, a banner will contain one or a few words only. Rarely will you see a small sentence on a banner? But whatever message you wish to advertise via a banner, it will be boiled down to the focus point at the time. Banners for grand opening is one such example.

Banners grab people’s attention precisely due to the succinct messages they convey. One or a few words are sufficient to tell your prospects about your unique offers, USP, promotions, holiday sales, etc. You can use banners to list out the adjectives that define your business. The words, presented on a banner in big letters, are likely to divert people’s eyes to the message.


Banners do the job of conveying messages nicely. You will achieve what you want to convey to your customers or prospects by the messages on the banners.

Banner messages are simple. They serve the purpose as per the message. If its grand opening, people will know what exactly it means. The same applies if it’s a sales offer or a promotion. Other forms of clever advertising or witty messages may be lost on your audience. But there is seldom the chance to over complicate the banner message without real intention behind it.

The effective messages of the banners are adequate to grab people’s attention. People appreciate direct messages instead of deciphering creative wordplays or jargon.


Banners are colorful and the colors always draw people’s attention. The banner can be of a bright shade with the message written on it with white letters. The banners may be white and the words in bright hues. Bold shades will always attract people to the message.

Human eyes are always drawn to bright shades. When you walk by stalls or shops, you will instinctively notice bright banners or signs. You will rarely find a banner that is bland in design or plain to the point of boring.

The colors on the banners are used effectively. There is no random color selection when it comes to banner designs. Yellow on red, white on green, or black on white with an additional patch of blue background are some examples of how color schemes are chosen to make banner messages eye-catching. The background can even contain multiple hues with simple white letters on it. These types of color schemes help people notice banners right away.


Banners contain simple yet attractive designs to create an impact in the first instance. Colorful background in the hues representing your brand can add a nice touch to your storefront or exhibition booth.

You can use two different shades of letters against a white background to make the banners more striking. The font of the letters also adds to the banner designs. These subtle yet effective elements make banners really attractive and draw peoples’ attention.

Simple Designs

Oftentimes; simple designs create the most impact. Cumbersome designs draw people’s attention but not for the right reasons. They might associate the same type of clumsiness with your brand and may not want to become your customers. Simple is best when it comes to banners. So, you will always find banners with clean designs and without chaos. For this reason, banners tend to grab eyeballs.

Simplicity attracts people when it comes to advertising. They just need to know what you are promoting; rest they can check out for themselves by visiting your store or booth.

Right Placement

Banners are placed where the maximum number of people can spot them. They are placed under the right artificial light for the right impact. Even the effect of natural light is considered when businesses put up banners. These factors help people notice the banners.

The banners will never cover the storefront or the booth in a way to obscure what’s inside or to make it look out-of-place. These details help people notice the banners and the messages on them.