How to Improve SEO Ranking of an eCommerce Website?

If you own and operate an eCommerce business; you need SEO to get more customers. You also need SEO to stay ahead of your competitors. But finding a spot on page one of a search result is not easy. It is even more difficult to get the number one spot on a search page. For a business to maintain its top ranking on a search page can be challenging by astronomical proportions.

If you are nowhere near the top ranking or the first page of a relevant search page then you need to improve it without delay. Not doing so can translate into huge losses for your eCommerce business.

Here are some ways to improve the SEO ranking of an eCommerce website.

Website Audit

Identifying the problems on your website is of great importance as it can help you see the existing problems. Unless you know the reasons for the low ranking of your website, you cannot implement the right strategies to improve it. You can hire a professional SEO company for performing a complete website audit and create the right plan for you. You can even hire the same company to perform all the tasks related to SEO.

For instance, local Frisco SEO companies can help your eCommerce website rank well for localized searches. If they have the team in place for national or global SEO then they can even help you expand the reach of your business further. But it all begins with an audit to check for the SEO work required or left to do.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is extremely important for businesses as these are the words used by potential customers to look online for products or services they need.

Every business needs different types of keywords relevant to their business. One keyword cannot be sufficient for the SEO needs of an eCommerce company. You will need keywords for all your product offerings in all categories. Your prospective customers must be able to find your website when they are looking for products in your business category. Otherwise, you risk losing business.

Keywords help in creating the content for your website as well as for the website’s right architecture.

Content Creation

Content such as blogs helps search engines to find your website as per specific searches. Quality content helps with higher rankings. Quality content is also what makes your customers spend more time on your website.

Relevant and good content also helps with content distribution on social networks. As more and more members of a social network find your business content and deem it worthy of sharing it with their friends and followers; it will help new people to find your business page and ultimately your website.

Website Architecture

The structure of an eCommerce website must be simple and easy to navigate. The pages must be optimized with the help of the relevant keywords to help your target customers to find them easily. Internal linking and good navigation aid website pages to rank higher on search engines.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

On-page SEO is all about ensuring that the keywords are where they need to be on a page. Off-page SEO is all about external links, which help in providing more authority to a website.

Broken links or poor quality links are bad for a website. So, you need to collaborate with experts in your field and other authority websites for such links.

For on-page SEO for category pages, you will need to use the keywords in the URLs, body copy, images, and metadata. You need to do on-page SEO for your product pages as well by using a mix of keywords and content.

Local SEO

Many businesses own and run physical stores in addition to their eCommerce websites. If your business has a brick-and-mortar presence; then local SEO strategies can help drive traffic to your store. Through it, your website can also get some traction.

You can do so by partnering up with your preferred search engines in order to show up on local searches. You will also need backlinks from local resources.

You will need to tweak SEO strategies as per the unique needs of your eCommerce business.