How to Use WeChat for Business – A Quick Tips for Marketers

According to reports, there are 1.112 billion active WeChat users which make this platform a gold mine for marketers. Here we have listed some effective WeChat marketing tips to engage users and get the best out of this popular app.

Get the Right Type of WeChat Account

WeChat offers different types of accounts like Subscription, Service and Enterprise accounts. Marketers should go for a Subscription account which is more like daily news feed.

The WeChat subscription account focuses on information and brand communication. It allows users to publish once a day to subscribers. Also, subscription account holders can publish 1-6 articles at a time.

After you have set up your WeChat subscription account, you need to get your account off the ground to connect with users. Here are 10 effective ways and marketing tips to use WeChat account for promoting your business.

Use QR Codes to Your Advantage

WeChat automatically creates a QR code for every WeChat account on the platform. You can also customize the QR code with your branding. WeChat app comes with an in-built QR Code scanner so users will not face any difficulties to scan your QR code and connect with your brand.

You can post these QR codes on different marketing channels such as social media platforms, brochures, product packaging, and brick and mortar stores.

Use WeChat Location-Based Marketing

WeChat apps can detect the location of users which helps businesses target potential customers nearby. The chat platform offers several features like Shake”, “Look Around” and “Drift Bottle that enables users to find the list of people around them and send them a message.

Use WeChat HTML5 Campaigns

WeChat accounts are capable of hosting pages built with HTML5. Businesses can use this feature to create unique and creative marketing campaigns and increase customer engagement.

Brands can create HTML5 campaigns with creative features like quizzes, games, voting, and more. This can encourage the audience to participate and brands can offer incentives such as gifts and discount coupons to people who connect with the brand.

Leverage Knowledge Opinion Leaders

Knowledge opinion leaders (KOL) are valued by WeChat users and brands need to leverage KOLs to connect with the audience. You can search for KOLs on WeChat and opt for a co-operation model where you create and confirm the content with KOLs who then publish on their official WeChat accounts.

Since KOLs have a large number of followers and trust and confidence of their followers, it can be useful to promote your brand. In recent years, KOLs have become one of the main drivers of WeChat marketing success for businesses.

Use WeChat Advertising

WeChat offers several advertising tools which are only available to official WeChat account holders. Prior to launching an advertising campaign, you need to create a good amount of content to ensure followers keep coming for more content.

WeChat offers three types of ads- KOL Ads, Moment Ads, and Account Ads. Though all types of WeChat ads are useful to marketers, WeChat moment ads are primarily used for marketing brands.

WeChat Moment Ads- These are similar to Facebook Feed ads. The minimum cost of activating WeChat Moment Ads is $7.50. This money can be used to buy ads with different targeting options. The price of moment ads varies and depends on factors like location and target audience group.

Start Loyalty Program on WeChat

Loyalty programs are a comprehensive approach to building long-lasting relationships with customers. These programs allow you to identify consistency and loyalty of individual and corporate customers. Loyalty programs can be supplemented by sending the latest news and exclusive discount offers to followers or granting special coupons, or gifting VIP cards to certain customers. The emphasis on loyalty program should focus on customers who have been purchasing your products and services for one or more reasons.

When you reward your repeat customers through a loyalty program, it motivates them to come back for purchases and also recommend your brand to their relatives, friends, and people they are close to.

The above given WeChat marketing tips enables you to use the WeChat platform to connect to the Chinese audience and increase engagement that first steps to make any marketing campaign successful. Do you have any questions about WeChat marketing?