Reasons to Invest in eSports Marketing

The picture of young adults sitting in front of their computers playing video games is not the picture of sports that most people have in their mind. Nevertheless, esports are becoming big news, and sports leagues in their own right. That is one big reason to invest in esports marketing. It’s big money, and the number of brands who are feeling the excitement of this type of sports marketing is growing and building. That could be all the reason needed, but here are some more.

Why are brands so attracted and what are some of the other reasons for investing in esports marketing?

Not familiar with esports? Some people still think of electronic video gaming as kids trying to avoid their homework, or nerds in mom and dad’s basement, but it has become much, much more. These ‘kids’ are not kids, but professional players taking part in video gaming competitions in sports arenas with paying fans. And these players have fans, spectators, investors, and the whole thing operates as any other kind of professional sporting event. The players make money from sponsors, subscribers and by being as highly skilled as the more traditional kind of professional sports player. Brands are becoming involved in esports marketing for the same reasons that they might have invested in the top teams and players from the NFL, NHL, FIFA, or the NBA.

If this is new to you, there really are many good reasons to invest in esports marketing.

Reason 1 – The market. It is a fairly young demographic, and the eSports market is huge. Players and spectators, and even casual video game users, are part of the market that marketers would be investing in.  It includes professional players, as well as hobby players and fans. There are a lot of fans, and the hours spent daily watching, or playing, or looking up information on the games and players is staggering.

Reason 2 – There is a big opportunity for growth. As more people become aware of the potential, or just the overall entertainment factor, more and more, people are discovering the players, the games, and that market is just getting bigger. Brands are not only investing in the players, but there is investment potential in sponsorship, advertising and franchising, and in eSports marketing—just as there always has been in sports marketing. Reach the audience while they are live streaming on online platforms like Twitch, or YouTube.

Reason 3 – High user engagement. While it might surprise some to realize that people are willing to invest time and money to watch others play a video game, there are many people who do, and who will also purchase tickets to go to a stadium and watch live tournaments. The eSports marketing audience is highly engaged, and they give a lot of time to eSports every day.

Reason 4 – The audience. The audience that eSports marketers would be reaching with their advertising, or sponsorship is not just huge; its worldwide. No borders or boundaries, just an internet connection, and anyone can play or watch esports. And they are. Many of the players, creators, and their audiences are from Asia. CNN Business suggests that those who do choose to invest should not focus only on the North American market.

Reason 5 – It’s just getting started. Professional video gaming is fairly new in the sports world. There is a lot of information available to raise interest and show where it is coming from and where it’s going. Revenue is expected to reach $1.79 billion USD by the end of 2022. in addition, a talk at TedX called on the Olympics to consider including Esports in 2024! Watching this talk will give you an idea of the popularity and potential of esports marketing.

Esports is part of a minds ecosystem that includes more than just its young, international fans. The interested parties in the esports world include teams, tournament organizers, streaming platforms, game developers, and upcoming future fans and players. There is opportunity for investment and involvement from everywhere. Just check out Wikipedia’s page for professional esports leagues and tournaments. Esports marketing is an investment area that will give back with its dedicated fans, professional players, up and coming users, and game developers. There are big opportunities in all aspects.